London Film Festival 2011 – MostlyFilm Needs You

by Indy Datta

The London Film Festival starts in just over a week. MostlyFilm will be going big on coverage of the festival, bringing you daily reports for the duration. We’re doing this for many reasons, but one reason is that, in a way, MostlyFilm owes its existence to the LFF. Many of our contributors first met on the LFF messageboards over a decade ago, which went on to become the Guardian’s film talkboards, where more of us joined. This blog was started when the Guardian closed those talkboards earlier this year. We’re sentimental about the LFF.

So here’s the thing – we want our readers to be part of the festival coverage as well. We want MostlyFilm to be the first place you come to during the festival to get our writers’ reactions on the films and events, but also to be the first place you’ll come to share your reactions.

What we’re looking for is capsule reviews. 200 to 500 words. We’ll be running as many as we sensibly can every day, no deadlines, so you can send your first reactions or let things percolate a bit before you write. We’ll happily run more than one review of films that are worth talking about, so don’t worry about what we’ve already got; write about what inspires you (positively or negatively). We’d love to run reviews from “pro” critics who might have something their main outlets can’t use, but if you’ve never reviewed a film before, we’d love to run your work too.

Boring T&Cs stuff. We can’t pay (or get you into screenings, or reimburse you for tickets), but you retain the copyright in your work. We don’t promise to run everything submitted.

Drop me a line, then, if you fancy getting involved? Or just send me your reviews. Either way, the address is and I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

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