London Film Festival 2011 – Day 1

by Indy Datta

The festival opener, Fernando Mereilles’ 360 – a reimagining of La Ronde written by Peter Morgan and starring an embarrassment of top global thesping talent (Eminem and Jude Law, together at last! Or cosmically connected at last, or something) is digitally unspooling to the first night audience right about now (I’m writing this the evening before publication).

We should be bringing you a review of 360 in the next few days, along with reviews of other films playing in the first days of the festival. In addition, you can follow our Twitter feed for our instant reactions to films and retweets of other writers’ reactions throughout the festival. In additional addition, we’re still on the lookout for people to send in their own reviews, as previously noted. And in addition to that, why not join in in our comments section? You know you want to.

No reviews today. The festival has only just started, cut us some slack! I was going to do one of those preview things where I tell you what we’re all looking forward to at this year’s festival, but I couldn’t face it. So, some recommendations with a twist: a few films I’m not seeing at this year’s festival but wish I was. See you tomorrow…

This is Not a Film (Jafar Panahi)

Made while Panahi was banned by the Iranian government from leaving his apartment or making films. He is now serving a six year prison sentence.

Dreileben (Christian Petzold, Dominik Graf, Christoph Hochhausler)

One incident, three films, three directors. Only two clips on YouTube.

The Artist (Michel Hazanavicius)

The crowd-pleasing hit of the 2011 festival circuit.

Weekend (Andrew Haigh)

Nottingham-set microbudget gay romance, already garlanded with prizes and collecting admiring reviews.

The Day He Arrives (Hong Sang Soo)

Meet the new Hong; same as the old Hong, probably.

Two Years at Sea (Ben Rivers)

Too cool for Youtube.

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