Mostly Links – 4 November 2011

by Indy Datta

No need to pinch yourself, Mostly Links is indeed Back; and also  Bad and (pending confirmation) Nationwide.

We picked a momentous week to come back. The untimely passing of marathon-running, dream-fulfilling inventor of the DJ, Sir Jimmy Savile means that, sadly, he will now never play the role he was surely born to play: James “007” Bond. Coincidentally, however (or not? You decide), this week saw the announcement of the title and leading cast of next year’s Bond movie.  Bond 23 will be entitled Skyfall, and as well as the returning Daniel Craig, will star Ralph Fiennes and Javier Bardem.

Speculation is already rife on the internet regarding the story of Skyfall, probably. I’m just hoping the plot is slightly less stupid than the plot of Quantum of Solace. And now that Adam and/or Joe are Hollywood royalty, maybe they could let them write the theme tune this time.

Enough! Of looking forward to films that are a year away. What about this week’s new releases? We at Mostly Film have already raved plenty about Andrew Haigh’s Weekend, so obviously you should see that, but maybe you also fancy seeing The Future instead? Or maybe you didn’t much care for Miranda July’s uberkooky Me and You and Everyone We Know, and have been put off the new film by tales that it features a talking cat, and by tales of July imploring people to hug strangers at The School of Life (which is a real thing!). You seem to me like someone who could be convinced to change your mind about Miranda July by tuning in today at 5 pm  to Twitter where  @Palomafaith will be Twinterviewing (also a real thing!) @Miranda_July.  And why not have a trailer as well? Always Be Closing.

The big release in the USA this week is the film that will inevitably single-handedly redeem the tarnished concept of the Christmas movie, and completely reverse the declining fortunes of the 3D movie scene. And cure AIDS.

Damn straight. In other stuff this week:

The Guardian really fucking hates Tintin, for some reason. (Small mercies, though, at least David Cox hasn’t done a Tintin piece yet. Maybe entitled “How Tintin Misrepresents the Journalistic Method”)

If you missed the YouTube movie Life in a Day, yesterday, it’s on Youtube today.

A David Lynch mixtape.

Because Jim Eaton-Terry is selfishly refusing to subject himself to the Loutallica album for next week’s triumphant return of Mostly Records, someone on Twitter reviewing Lou Reed in Starbucks. Well, viewing, really.

As well as Mostly Records next week, you lucky people can look forward to pieces about zombies, Vince “Breaking Bad” Gilligan, James Corden and, yeah, probably more of this crap. Sadly, we seem to be all out of video clips of Marlon Brando dancing.

7 thoughts on “Mostly Links – 4 November 2011

  1. Oh, I see, I put my last comment in spiky brackets so it didn’t see it. I didn’t say nothing. I said:

    Le swoon.

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