Mostly Links – 10 February 2012

by Indy Datta

Ewan McGregor and Eva Green in “Perfect Sense”, released in America today

Mostly Links is a bit jetlagged this week, so is outsourcing the first part of this week’s blog to a joke-generating bot, which has been programmed to deliver witticisms about this week’s 3D-retrofitted re-release, on both sides of the Atlantic, of Star Wars Episode I: the Phantom Menace:

– will Ewan McGregor’s accent be more convincing in 3D?

– Hey! Maybe Lucas should, instead, have worked an extra dimension into the script!

– [joke about Liam Neeson threatening to hunt down Jar Jar Binks and beat him to death, because Liam Neeson is a badass now. Also, something about “in 3D”!]

I think that went very well.

Also out in the States this week is The Turin Horse the purported final film from Béla Tarr, the don of arthouse minimalism. This is, I think, a pretty kick-ass trailer.

Slim pickings in UK releases this week, because we’re all backlashing against the Muppets now, right? So the other choices include the Bradley Cooper vehicle American Evil – a film title so generic I can’t even begin to guess what it’s about. Let’s have a look at the trailer.

Oh, right – it’s about Eee-vill. They should have called it American Eee-vill, to avoid confusion. Written, directed by, and starring Georgina Lightning. The joke bot wanted to make a joke about her stage name but it’s her real name! Her children, according to Wikipedia, are called Crystle Lightning,  Cody Lightning and William Lightning.

Mostly Links is not really with the programme this week, can you tell? I’m going to leave you with an amusing comedy skit featuring man of the moment Jean Dujardin. Come back next week for musings on artists, teddy bears, Twin Peaks and Bruno Dumont. And more of this shit, obviously.

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