Valentine’s Quiz – Guess The Film

by Mr Moth

Hello. My photo manipulation skills aren’t great, but, well, who doesn’t like teddies doing charades? So – the key here is that these photos are depicting romantic movies. For Valentine’s Day. So, say what you see. With love.

Mystery Film number one

Got that? Good. Let’s move on.

Mystery Film number two

Slightly more tricky, that one. Sorry.

Mystery Film number three

That’s less so, to the point of being somewhat unsubtle.

Mystery Film number four

Oh, man, I can only apologise for that one.

When you’ve guessed, well, please don’t put your answers in the comments. That would spoil it! Tweet me @MostlyFilm, or email me. Answers in this Friday’s Mostly Links.

About Thom Willis

Thom is the curator of #microwrites - - and writes his own stories for He lives in London because, given the choice, who wouldn't?

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