Mostly Frocks – the Mostly Film Academy Awards 2012 liveblog

Tonight Mostly Film goes live-action, and our all-women team will be commenting on the red carpet action and the Oscars ceremony.

The red carpet coverage will start from 11.30pm GMT and the Oscars ceremony from 1.30am GMT.

The MostlyFilm Oscars livebloggers are Laura Morgan, Concetta Sidoti and Tindara Sidoti-McNary. Editing, updating, and making virtual cups of tea (or, since the ceremony starts at one-thirty London time, maybe something stronger) is Josephine Grahl.

Before our live coverage starts, you can check out the MostlyFilm Oscar predictions here, or Laura’s predictions (both the pre-BAFTAS  and post-BAFTAS versions.)

Or if it’s the dresses you’re more interested in, Catwalk Queen has chosen the dresses they think some of the nominees and presenters should go for. The Gloss also have their predictions, as well as a rundown of the worst Oscar fashion of recent years.

Catwalk Queen may be on the money by focusing on the presenters – it’s been suggested that the nominations for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress have disappointed designers by failing to be sufficiently young, white, thin and pretty. The Oscars are, after New York Fashion week, the biggest fashion event of the year – or so says Cavan Sieckowski in the International Business Times.

But is the focus on women at the Oscars too much about what they’re wearing, and not enough on what they’re doing on the world of film? As Melissa Silverstein points out at Indiewire, the number of women making high-grossing films in Hollywood has actually fallen since 1998, and this year there are no women up for best director, and no woman-directed films up for Best Picture .

Maybe that’s not surprising, since a recent study done by the Los Angeles Times showed that members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences – the people who vote for the Oscars – are overwhelmingly white and male.

In a great video, Melissa highlights some of the women directors whose achievements could be more widely celebrated:

Also concerned with female representation at the movies is Anita Sarkeesian at Feminist Frequency, who looks at not the movie-makers, but representation of women within the movies themselves, checking out how many Best Picture nominees pass the Bechdel Test. The whole questions of women at the Oscars has been picked up by Michael Barthel with this great piece at Salon.

Of course, serious questions of female representation and sexism in the movies are not the only things our livebloggers will be discussing. Other vital issues include wardrobe malfunctions, the nominees mostly likely to cry if they win, who will make the most bonkers speech, and who’s likely to be the least gracious loser. So take a look at the nominations (and maybe at the BBC’s handy guide on How to win an Oscar) and come back to Mostly Film at 11.30 for all the action.

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