The Back Page, May 11 2012


We’re firmly in blockbuster season now, so what we got? Oh, hi, Tim Burton! Is that Johnny Depp? And Helena Bonham-Carter? What are the odds?

To be fair, that looks lots of fun, and I’m not as Burton-sceptic as some of my MF colleagues. Anyway, we have an article next week which talks more about Dark Shadows so I’ll leave it there.

This isn’t a link dump! But, since you ask, here’s an amusing fight over the use of poster quotes. Four stars, MostlyFilm.

THIS ISN’T A LINK DUMP, but here are this week’s MostlyFilm articles:

Café de Flore, our review of Jean-Marc Vallée’s new film.

All the world’s a stage, some highlights from the Globe’s current Shakespeare in Foreign season.

One Face, A Thousand Lives, on MoMA’s Cindy Sherman retrospective.

Join us next week for Blimp, Swallows & Amazons, sexy witches, frocks frocks frocks and MORE.

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