The Back Page – 18 May 2012

It would be Frank Capra’s 115th birthday today. Here he is on the set of It Happened One Night, cracking a great joke to Claudette Colbert and.. I dunno, some guy with a funny moustache.

Stop! Trailer time! It’s The Raid. I actually know nothing about this, so I’m watching this cold.

Woah! Holy shit! And oh ho, don’t trust us with foreign-language, eh? Still. Fuck me. I’m going to watch that again. You don’t have to. That looks ridiculously great. Oh, endorsement from Nuts. Pah. Isn’t Barry Norman doing their cinema reviews these days, anyway?

Link time! Could this oral history of Friends be any meatier? No, it could not. Enjoy.

And here’s the (very strong, my friends) week in Mostly Film:

The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp, a personal take on a great film

Swallows and Amazons Forever, on the new musical version with songs by Neil Hannon

A Glimpse of Striped Stocking, Dark Shadows set in the line of sexy witches through the ages

A Study in Scarlett, viewing Gone With the Wind through the prism of Scarlett’s frocks

Join us next week for part two of A Study in Scarlett, NOISE, pop pickings and a genuine exclusive from the director of a new release.

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