The Back Page, June 1 2012


It’s Marilyn’s birthday today. She would’ve been 86 today. Imagine that! I bet you can’t. Anyway, fuck me but June 1st is crowded. Andy Griffith, Bob Monkhouse, Edward Woodward, Morgan Freeman, Ronnie Wood, Brian Cox (the proper one, not the slack-jawed wonder-merchant from those tv shows about Jupiter), Gerald Scarfe, Jonathan Pryce, Alanis Morissette, Heidi Klum, René Auberjonois, Cleavon Little, JASON DONOVAN, seriously I could do June 1st every day for the rest of the year. Although this is my last Back Page so I won’t.

Obviously, there’s only one big release to put the trailer up for this week, the one everyone is talking about.

That makes me sad.

Nice out-link for you today, on how Toy Story 2 was deleted. Twice.

Even nicer links in, here are the week’s MostlyFilm articles.

Minor Characters – Slight Return, a follow-up to our previous article on small parts that have a big impact

We’re all in it together, on what makes a good ensemble film

Ol’ Marrsters, on the touring exhibition of Leonardo da Vinci sketches and what they tell us about the man

The Known Unknowns, about the toilers in the engine room of Keeping Kids Happy

Join us next week, following the super-long Jubilee bank holiday, for a short science fiction theme week, with Prometheus, Stalker and the post-script to Hankinshaw’s epic If My Calculations Are Correct.

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