Mostly Shorts – the Big Ones

The latest instalment in the increasingly less occasional series, brought to you once again by the intrepid Indy Datta, looks this time at short-form work from big-name film-makers.


Cary Joji Fukunaga is flavour of the month after his work on HBO’s True Detective caused telly pundits all over the internet to come over all unnecessary. Last year, he made this brand short for luxury fashion label Maiyet that is… something about some cool dude in Africa? It looks lovely anyway, in the faux-Malick style that advertisers love.

Luxury brands love a bit of Wes Anderson too. This shticky, hacky recent short for Prada is probably what all Anderson’s films look like to people who don’t like them.

Jonás Cuarón isn’t a big name director yet, but Aningaaq, his companion piece to dad Alfonso’s  box-office conquering, awards-hoovering Gravity (which he co-wrote), is worth a look. The dogs and the snow make me even more convinced of my pet theory that Gravity is an indirect adaptation of the Jack London short story To Build a Fire.

Hey, I tell you what, though – this one is really good. Made by a pre-Brick Rian Johnson and surviving only as a shitty DVD rip, it fully exploits its witty and inventive premise.

This last one is from Lars von Trier and it is really shit and doesn’t feature Shia Laboeuf’s schlong, even, but at least it’s not four fucking hours long,

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