Mostly Links – 2 May 2014

Indy Datta got stuck late in the office last night, on a tube strike day yet. Go past the jump to find out just how little he thought he could get away with for today’s post.

The late Paul Walker's remake of the Dancing on the Ceiling Video something something punchline.
The late Paul Walker’s remake of the Dancing on the Ceiling Video something something punchline.

The big new release in America this weekend is The Amazing Spider-Man 2, which they get after the rest of the world was disappointed by it. Why not relive the disappointment by reading Matthew Turner’s piece from earlier this week on what Marc Webb’s film owes to the history of Spidey comics? Or you could watch this video of ASM2 star Emma Stone lipsyncing to Blues Traveller on the Tonight Show, because apparently that’s what people like now.

Unusually, two of this week’s other US releases are indie films from British film-makers that we haven’t seen here yet. OK, in Department-of-Googling as I Go and Correcting Myself News, I see now that the Polish Pawel Pawlikowski is based in Paris now and Amma Assante has moved to the Netherlands. Still, here are trailers for his new film Ida and her new film Belle.

And an interview with Assante, in which she talks among other things about why it’s taken her so long to follow up her BAFTA-winning debut, A Way of Life.

And finally, a shameless plug. MostlyFilm contributor and documentarian Paul Duane has made a short film from a script by music journalist Olaf Tyaransen, starring Larry Love out of the Alabama 3s. You can see it here, for the very reasonable sum of one pound (or local equivalent), and if you listen to Paul talking here, he explains how you can make $$$$$ by embedding the video in your own blog.


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