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It’s the return of your favourite roundup of what’s good on the internet!

Megatron has FAILED the Melon-Off!
Optimus Prime declares himself the ultimate winner of the Watermelon Game

Yes, all of us here at MostlyFilm Towers are perfectly aware that you’ve been watching the football these last couple of weeks, instead of paying the proper amount of attention to The Visual Arts, but you know, we’ve been showcasing some pretty great writing here at Europe’s Best Website.

In case you missed our posts where we sent people to the Edinburgh Film Festival, looked properly at Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie and the blu-ray of Sullivan’s Travels, previewed Dukefest and reviewed Cold In July and Jersey Boys, and arranged for the actual co-producer of BBC4 hit Amber to talk about it exclusively to us, then the links are all there and you simply have no excuse not to read them. Because they’re all great.

What else has been going on? Well, the BBC, bless Bill Cotton’s socks, have decided to make up for the two years between the series premieres of Doctor Who by releasing a fifteen-second trailer for the August 23rd return, in which Steven Moffat – for reasons known only to him – recasts Britain’s only modern folk hero as a grumpy, middle-aged Scotchman. We’re not sure about his get-up, to be honest – he looks a little bit too much like a magician for our liking – but since we’ve been fairly scathing about recent episodes (although we liked the Xmas one), let’s hope things improve.

Yes, the gusset to my trousers seems to hang suspiciously low, but what of it, Detective? What suspicions might you harbour about my nethers? I *am* an old man, after all, surely I need room for my testicles to swing freely? But if you take that as an admission of guilt, then let's see how this plays out in a court of law, shall we? Yes, I thought that would make you pause.
Er, just one more thing, ‘Doctor’, if that *is* your real name….

Moffat also announced that Sherlock will be back, around one million years hence, so that’s something for aficionados of contemptuous, ultra-low-quality television to get excited by, if they felt like it.

Now, we’re fans of Shirley Beef round here, mainly because he’s everything James Franco wants to be but isn’t, and so we’re sorry that he’s been replaced in the latest Transformers film (out tomorrow) by Him Off Of The Funky Bunch, who hasn’t so much ‘starred’ in movies these past few years as ‘clung on to them, barnacle-like’. But if you must gawp at badly-designed, confusing-looking robots punching each other, the trailer’s here, and you can then spend the other 162 minutes of the film’s running time doing something more useful. Like watching two of these.

We like Liam Neeson too – what better way to get over personal tragedy than reinventing yourself as cinema’s most brutally no-frills face-puncher? – and his latest aircraft-set stompathon is out on DVD this week, but did you catch him on The Daily Show recently, having a very particular set of opinions about the ethics of horse-drawn carriages? Get a load of this, then.

That’s enough for one Friday – don’t forget if you’re doing any decorating this weekend, then 2014’s Pantone Colour of the Year is ‘Radiant Orchid’, so do bear that in mind when flicking though your swatches.

Join us on Monday for our special take on Glasto. We actually have no idea what ‘Glasto’ is, as it goes – if we had to bet, we’d say it sounds like something that fought Godzilla back in 1965, but we’re not going to check.

But you know it’ll be good. That’s our thing.

See you then.

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