Mostly Links – 14 November 2014

“What is best in Internet?” we often ask at MostlyFilm editorial meetings.  No-one has yet uploaded the lamentation of our enemy’s women to YouTube, but we have found a few links worth looking at…

Obviously, you’ve all seen Too Many Cooks by now, and maybe you’ve even thought a little too much about it.   Adult Swim’s Infomercial segment is a treasure trove of lunacy, some of it even more surreal.  For Profit Online University, which starts as an ever-escalating set of online scams, blends into a cult, and finally achieves self-awareness, is a must, as is Live Forever As You Are Now, which takes the idea of uploading personalities into something deeply, deeply wrong.

Best of the lot, though, is the hilarious, terrifying Broomshakala, an infomercial for a broom which also works as a leaf blower, a blender, a saw, a cock gun (no, us either), and which slowly moves from gentle spoof to black comedy and finally through to something I’m not even sure how to describe.    It’s absolutely insane.

Not as terrifying, or as insane, as the trailer for Mortdecai, which appears to be a lost Fast Show sketch stretched out to feature length with Johnny Depp seemingly abandoning all the subtlety and delicate characterisation which made his Jack Sparrow so memorable.  I can’t remember when I saw a worse trailer.

Finally, to wipe the memory of Mortdecai once and for all, is Interesting Ball, one of the most arresting short films we’ve seen in a very, very long time.  It owes debts to Paul  Anderson (not that one) and Clive Barker, but it might just be completely original.


3 thoughts on “Mostly Links – 14 November 2014

  1. Well I fell out of love with Johnny a while ago but Mortdecai does seem deliberately to have assembled all the famous people I most want to sleep with so it looks like the best trailer I’ve seen in a while.

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