The MostlyFilm Christmas Message

Have yourself a very mostly Christmas.


Yippe ki-yay, Mostly Filmers! We’ve said goodbye to 2014 over the last few days. And we’ve evoked Christmas at its cosiest by recalling the loveliest movie versions of A Christmas Carol. But we still want to take a moment to wish you a Merry Christmas and – in case we don’t see you before then – a Happy New Year when it comes.

Christmas is about light blazing in the darkness, so it’s no wonder we associate it with going to the pictures. What Christmas films are you going to watch today? You should take some advice from Europe’s Best Website. And you should watch this trailer for a Die Hard that never lived, because it looks more fun and MUCH more Christmassy than any of the last 23 Die Hard films.


Not enough for you, huh? Well, if feel like decking the halls with gallons of blood, you could seek out any of the films in this selection box of scary Christmas films, compiled by Alex Heller-Nicholas. And follow her on Twitter.

Before I leave you, a quick feel of the presents that are coming your way soon. We’ll be back just after New Year, with a review of Birdman. Let’s watch the trailer for that:


Huh, Edward Norton with his top off and Michael Keaton in his pants. I hope you like Birdman – heck, I hope I like Birdman – if only because when Michael Keaton played Bruce Wayne, and got edgy and sexy when confronting The Joker, he was the coolest man on the planet.

So that’s it from us. See you in 2015!

… unless. Unless you’ve been very good, in which case, you might get an extra present on Boxing Day. I’m not going to give you annie hints but make sure you look us up the day after tomorrow.  It’s only a day (and half) away.

Say Merry Christmas to your movie house for me.

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