Hello 2015

Don’t worry, some of those emails can wait. Waste a little time with MostlyFilm today.


Merry New Year! Ah, but we know many of you will be starting back at work today. And even if you’re not, you’re still waking up on a Monday, having to think about how you must, by law, wait a whole year before you can watch The Muppet Christmas CarolTrading Places and Die Hard again. So we want you to know that we’re going to be here for you: every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, MostlyFilm will bring you some great writing about cinema, television, music or art. Stick with us, you’ll be happier and more interesting to talk to at parties.

Over the Christmas and New Year, while everyone else was getting drunk on turkey and snogging strangers, we brought you reviews of Annie and Birdman both of which are still playing, both of which you should see.

This week, on Wednesday and Friday we’re going to be looking what films are coming out in the year ahead and picking some highlights. So by next weekend, we’ll have given you something to look forward to.  Whatever 2015 in store for us, good and bad, there will always be something to see at the pictures. We’ll see you out there in the dark.

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