Mostly Links Spam in a Cannes Edition 2015

More blatant space-filler from Indy Datta after the jump.

You DAHTY old maaan
You DAHTY old maaan

Mostly Links’ mission, should it choose to accept it, which it does because here we are, is to dig up any interesting links for some of the films that are notable for not yet being announced as  part of this year’s Cannes slate.

1. High Rise (Ben Wheatley) – does this count as a snub? On the one hand, Wheatley’s previous films have been indigestible culty DIY narrowcast things, badly reviewed as often as well: on the other, there’s a prestigious producer in the mix this time, in Jeremy “the Last Emperor” Thomas, and the last time he did a Ballard adaptation (Paul Haggis’s Crash), the result was a commercial hit and Oscar hoover. Is anything more quintessentially Ballardian than Sandra Bullock going despairingly mad alone in her enormous McMansion and eventually throwing herself down the stairs?

High Rise is an unknown quantity right now – there’s nothing out there on the internet yet beyond a couple of screenshots and a cool poster.

2. Love (Gaspar Noé)Enter the Void made its debut in the Cannes main competition in 2009, to mixed reviews, so as things stand, this is a demotion for the Argentian-French provocateur. There’s next to nothing on the internet about Love (this is going great!) and most of that seems to be taken from this conversation between Noé and Matthew Barney, so we’re sending you right to the source. Also, here’s the poster, which is a bit naughty.

3. Love in Khon Kaen (Apichatpong Weerasethakul) – Weerasethakul won the Palme in 2010 for Uncle Boonmee, Who Can Recall His Past Lives, so the omission of his first narrative feature since that is a genuine surprise, to the extent that most people seem to be assuming that it will be added to the lineup later. Here is a report from the film’s set, and here is an intriguing image that may or may not have anything to do with the film.

4. Midnight Special (Jeff Nichols) – The film maker behind Take Shelter! Michael Shannon! Adam Driver! Joel Edgerton! In a John Carpenteresque science-fiction B-movie! Enough said!.

5. Red Bean Paste (Naomi Kawase) – Kawase is a film maker pretty much unknown to anyone but seasoned Cannes-watchers, but look! Her film has a trailer! Maybe the fact that Kore-Eda has a film in competition this year worked against her.

That was fun.

In other stuff, what’s out at the pictures this week? Fuck me, the UK release schedules are showing 23 (twenty three) new releases today. And the closest thing to a film people will pay cash money to see is probably Child 44, which people don’t seem to like much.

A trailer:

The US release schedule this weekend is even more bizarre, featuring sequels to both Monsters and The Man With the Iron Fists. I know!  The Monsters sequel is directed by Tom Green, but sadly not this one:

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