Mo5tly Link5

We’re nearly 5.

James Dean arrives MONTHS too early for Mostly Film’s birthday party so he can help himself to cake.

Did you know that in a couple of months MostlyFilm will be FIVE YEARS OLD? As a franchise, we’ve been around long enough for the studio to consider rebooting us. Usually that means getting sexier people involved and making everything ‘edgier’ but since we’re already so sexy and edgy (aka ‘sedgy’), the Hollywood big shots have limited their meddling to getting us to put out Mostly Links on a Monday instead of a Friday.

Do you remember what your life was like before Europe’s Best Website came along? Think back to the beginning of 2011. You could watch Zoolander free from terror and rage engendered by Donald Trump’s cameo and thoughts of a sequel. You could watch Leonardo DiCaprio trying to win an Oscar by playing a real historical figure, a twitchy, obsessive man who ruthlessly pursued those he thought had wronged him (J Edgar Hoover). You could watch Steve Jobs, rather than Steve Jobs.

We came along in April that year – so you’ve got until Spring to think about what you want to get us for a present (we like films and rude jokes) . Between now and then we might dip into the archive to share some of our favourite pieces from our first five years. We’ll also be covering the Glasgow Film Festival, BFI Flare and the Oscars. We’re totally worth baking a cake for.

Things to check out – some trailers that came out this week. This one for Miles Ahead:


That makes it look a wee bit more boiler-plate biopic-ish than I hope it actually is. But I liked the idea of Don Cheadle and Ewan McGregor having hip, funny chemistry with one another. And the funny moments, the exchanged knowing looks, made me think of these two dudes.

I also liked this one for Green Room:

that’s from the director of Blue Ruin. Buy hey listen, BLUE ruin, GREEN room but very RED band trailer including one big ouchy moment you may want avoid, if you’re sensitive about spoilers or, uh, like arm… wrong way, uh, stuff?

Before I go: looking for Trump’s cameo in Zoolander, I found this video of  EVERY Donald Trump cameo ever, film and TV, including one disturbing clip from a show called The Nanny, where NO ONE HAS A FACE and it’s like something out of Society.

Looking for information about Leonardo DiCaprio being put through the ringer and tormented on a film set, I found this about him getting a hard time.  Not off of a bear but off of… Johnny Depp! Who I guess is more of a wolf or an otter than a bear?

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