Mostly Links and the Post Birthday-Party World

It’s the end of our birthday-week, so Mostly Links is allowed to be more hungover than usual.

Well now, we had a lovely time but the fun has to end sometime. And when the fun ends, Mostly Links begins. On Monday, five of us celebrated being FIVE YEARS OLD by telling you about our favourite movie birthday-party scenes. There is one scene that we didn’t look at that I’d like to show you here.  Perhaps I am being sentimental but there something idyllic about this, it could be any boisterous five –year-old’s ideal birthday party: plenty of your pals are there; there’s a merry-go-round; there’s a big garden with plenty of space to run around in; you get your picture taken; there’s a clown; you make friends with a doggie; and someone breaks a window.

One of the contributors to our birthday piece was one of our more prolific writers, Spank the Monkey. He wrote the first ever piece we published (our second piece was by Ann Jones, another regular who was back this week). Spank contributes our Monoglot Movie Club about going to the pictures abroad and not understanding what the films are about (although he always seems to get it more than I think I would). Over on his site he’s written about Mostly Film turning five. Historians of film-criticism can also find an account of how we started over there.

Right what’s out at the pictures today? Dheepan was directed by Jacques Audiard (who made A Prophet and Rust and Bone) and written by Audiard, along with Thomas Bidegain (whose directorial debut,  The Cowboys, I liked when I saw it at Glasgow Film Festival), and Noé Debré.

Dheepan won the Palme d’Or at Cannes in 2015 and, because we’re glamorous, we had a correspondent at the Festival last year. Ron Swanson liked Dheepan, but with some significant caveats.

Midnight Special is also out today. I don’t know much about it (I’m not aloof, I’ve been avoiding spoilers) but I do know three things: Jeff Nichols directs Michael Shannon; everyone has compared it to Steven Spielberg; and everyone who has seen it seems to love it. Well, nearly everyone.

Anyway, I don’t won’t to look at the trailer because of them spoilers. So here’s Creedence Clearwater Revival singing the song:

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