Mostly Links 3 October 2016

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Welcome back to Mostly Links, the column with the mostest (links). While October is traditionally the spooookiest month, so far we aren’t seeing much to be scared of (outside the Conservative Party conference). In fact, we are rather looking forward to some of the upcoming releases this month, and we are REALLY looking forward to this – the BFI’s theatrical release of Abel Gance’s Napoleon. Here’s the newly-recut trailer;

That’s the real thing, folks. Also it’s a billion hours long so if it’s raining outside what a great way to keep dry.

Staying indoors, here’s the excellent MostlyFilm dot com content you may have missed (or… deliberately avoided? But no, surely you wouldn’t do that. Would you? Oh god, you said you were just finding a LINK  in the COMMENTS of the AV Club, you BASTARD)

We had reviews of new pop as well as cinema releases NorfolkDare to be Wild and Departure.

Prefer classic movies? And Psychomania, I guess? We got you covered in reviews of Stormy WeatherEl Sur and the Samurai Trilogy.

We have two detailed looks at how film and TV treat women – both offscreen, in the industry at large, and onscreen, in the way women are dressed for fighting crime.

Anything else for you? How about this footage from the first Trump/Clinton debate? Authentic material

And here’s something you may feel has been… missing so far.

Aaanyway, we have our traditional London Film Festival coverage coming up, so until next time… don’t have nightmares.

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