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Today we start with a still from the set of the festive John Lewis ad.

<takes deep breath>

Hello to you all from Europe’s Best Website. Usually we take this slight breather to indulge in a bit of frivolity – a joke here, a quip there, a look at what we’ve come up with, and a glance at the upcoming treats the world has in store for our eyes and our brains.

This week, however – who gives the tiniest fuck about all that? When the world you actually live in takes a gigantic step towards a global fascist dystopia by handing the reins of power to the human equivalent of a massive bag of flaming dogshit, well, being snarky about upcoming movie trailers seems slightly beside the point. The caveat to that being if there was a film out there featuring a racist, woman-hating President-Elect being relentlessly bludgeoned to death by a crack team of angry gorillas – we’d definitely link to that. But there isn’t, so we can’t.

So. Since the last Mostly Links we’ve had an extended season of reviews from the London Film Festival (with a Preview, a look at Days 1 & 2, Days 3 & 4, Days 5 to 7, Days 8 & 9 plus, if that wasn’t enough, a Round-Up), with a trip round the London Korean Film Festival n’all. Bet you weren’t expecting *that*.

When it comes to re-releases and new discs, we’ve checked out Cat People, Boyz N The Hood, Don’t Look Back and Kes. Telly, you say? How about Wolf Creek, The Jude Law Pope Show and getting very annoyed by CBeebies?

New releases? Well, there’s In Pursuit Of Silence and Cemetery of Splendour. Hey, you know who would fit quite nicely into a cemetery of splendour? That’s right – a racist, woman-hating President-Elect who’s been relentlessly bludgeoned to death by a crack team of angry gorillas. This idea is GOLD, Hollywood, why not have it for free?

Oh, and we had a special piece on portmanteau horror films, none of which seem that scary at the moment. Still, it’s a good read.

Right, that’s your lot, nobody here is in the mood to string this out for any longer than it has to be, you’ll be glad to hear, so if the world is still here on Monday, we’ll have some great new stuff for you. Take care of each other in the meantime.

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