Magnus Carlsen


I often make decisions based on intuition, a sense that something is there.

Quiet, sweet-faced Magnus Carlsen drew against Gary Kasparov when he was 13 years-old. Magnus was 786th in the world, Kasparov was number one.  It was clear that Magnus was something special from the way that, while Kasparov looks bewildered, Magnus got up, strolled around and sipped his orange juice.  Magnus never looks as relaxed again when he is playing.


Told with archive footage, largely with his father, who supports and accompanies him when he plays,  talking to camera about how Magnus had a brilliant memory for flags and a special way with numbers, so he introduced him to chess.

Magnus documents the not always smooth, and sometimes plain lucky, rise of Magnus to youngest grandmaster and world chess champion by the age of 23.  It’s a journey made surrounded by his loving family, but the transformation from the quiet, introverted boy to the still very young man, who talks about keeping his demons to himself, made me wonder if it was worth it.

Magnus opens in key cities today.

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