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New MostlyFilm editors are initiated into the Siblingity of MostlyFilm Eds in a short, non-surgical ceremony where the old editor hands over the Gimlet Eye and passwords before skipping off to the Field of No Fucks Left To Give. In my month or so in the editor’s rather cheap plastic chair, I’ve discovered a glitch in the Gimlet Eye and the email password opens a whole new world of delicious nonsense to play with. From upcoming releases to bizarre ideas for tie-ins, this is a round-up of things that we wouldn’t normally get around to talking about, but we thought you might like to know.

The Horror Channel has announced five new Saturday night film premieres in July, starting with The Chernobyl Diaries on 4 Julya taut thriller from the producer of Paranormal Activity. A group of tourists get trapped in Chernobyl, site of a nuclear power station meltdown in 1986, leading one to ask what they were doing there in the first place. I mean, Chernobyl…

There’s a lot of  “produced/written/financed by famous person who did Something Good” mail. 30th June sees the launch of a Jackie Chan-produced sci-fi movie. In Reset  a scientist discovers time travel in time to do something odd and brave that involves her entire family. The poster shows lots of guns, but I’m not aware of any kicking or comedy kung fu fighting.  Other new movie releases include Moon Dogsa Celtic road trip with a main character called Thor.

Upcoming re-releases for July include the 25th anniversary restoration of Merchant-Ivory’s Howard’s End, mostly remembered for Helena Bonham-Carter’s mountainous hair and Emma Thompson being just lovely in a corset – the first of many “just lovely” corset performances from Thompson. It being Merchant-Ivory, there are frocks, tasteful interiors and sly commentary on the English middle-class, though not enough to upset the Daily Mail. It’ll be on general release in UK cinemas on 28 July.


If like me, you have trouble sleeping and you think cars are the things with a wheel at each corner that take you places slightly quicker than a train, you’d probably be as non-plussed as me at Swansway Garages’ attempts to cash in on the Transformers’ movie franchise. It’s something to do with cars and Transformers, and something called Ratchet is a Honda Civic. I don’t know, ask a ten-year-old.

MostlyFilm is a labour of love. Our contributors are (mostly) part-time or amateur writers who like to chat, fulminate and lecture about anything on a screen. We don’t pay contributors because we don’t get paid ourselves. If you’d like to write for us, send your submission and we’ll take a look.  You’ll find more information in About Us.

About Sarah Slade

Middle-aged, middle-sized and reluctantly middle-class Learning designer, based in London. Wife to Mr Perfect, Mother of Little Miss Perfect. I write a lot of learningy businessy stuff for a living, and as a consequence am very lazy about writing for myself. I occasionally write my own blog about living in London and sometimes I’ll find something interesting to say about my professional life. I sew a bit, paint a bit and I sing very averagely and play a terrible game of badminton.

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