Famous Last Words

For the last ever post on MostlyFilm, we’ve assembled as many current and former contributors as possible to show you their favourite endings from the movies. Technically, there may be spoilers. So, that’s it from us. Thanks to all of you out there for reading over the last seven years! It’s been a pleasure and … Continue reading Famous Last Words

Feminine Iconology Revisited, Part Two

In Feminine Iconology Revisted Part One, MostlyFilm brought you the icons of the silver screen from the Golden Age: one writer, one actress, one decade. In Part Two we moved through Hollywood’s 1970s renaissance to the present day. How times have changed! Times have changed – right? This post covers the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s (and the 2000s … Continue reading Feminine Iconology Revisited, Part Two

We Love 1986: Part 1

Yesterday we brought you Paul Duane’s takedown of (almost) everything 1986 has to offer the dedicated cineaste, so today we redress the balance with some of our contributors’ favourite memories of the year that saw the birth of Pixar, Ghibli and The Simpsons, though the animated film we’ve selected below is a little less cheery … Continue reading We Love 1986: Part 1