Famous Last Words

For the last ever post on MostlyFilm, we’ve assembled as many current and former contributors as possible to show you their favourite endings from the movies. Technically, there may be spoilers. So, that’s it from us. Thanks to all of you out there for reading over the last seven years! It’s been a pleasure and … Continue reading Famous Last Words

Swords, Stones and Broken Thrones

From parody to sincere tribute, the myth of King Arthur is as closely woven into the fabric of cinematic storytelling as it is the folkloric collective memory of the British Isles. With another take – Guy Ritchie’s would-be franchise spawner Legend of the Sword – arriving on disc this week we take a look at … Continue reading Swords, Stones and Broken Thrones

Feminine Iconology Revisited, Part One

The 101st International Women’s Day took place in March 2012. To mark that hugely important milestone, MostlyFilm dedicated two days to some of the most iconic, glorious females in Hollywood. One writer, one actress, one decade. You’ll have to imagine that a single person can represent an entire gender for an entire ten year span. … Continue reading Feminine Iconology Revisited, Part One