Famous Last Words

For the last ever post on MostlyFilm, we’ve assembled as many current and former contributors as possible to show you their favourite endings from the movies. Technically, there may be spoilers. So, that’s it from us. Thanks to all of you out there for reading over the last seven years! It’s been a pleasure and … Continue reading Famous Last Words

Swords, Stones and Broken Thrones

From parody to sincere tribute, the myth of King Arthur is as closely woven into the fabric of cinematic storytelling as it is the folkloric collective memory of the British Isles. With another take – Guy Ritchie’s would-be franchise spawner Legend of the Sword – arriving on disc this week we take a look at … Continue reading Swords, Stones and Broken Thrones

Obscure Gems Revisited Two: Revenge of the Obscure

We revisit MostlyFim‘s second look at films lost down the seat cushions at your local multiplex, half-remembered, covered in boiled sweets and lint

Obscure Gems Revisited

We revisit the first in an occasional series, in which Mostly Film collected lovely little bundles of themed recommendations from contributors. To kick the series off, they were asked to recommend a film that they were pretty sure none of the rest of us had ever seen (as it went, few managed to get that … Continue reading Obscure Gems Revisited

Spirits, monsters, madness, graves, creeps and the dead.

On Halloween, six strangers gather to share stories of terrifying things they saw, things that they can never forget! Hello brave souls! This Halloween on Ghostly Film, we are looking at portmanteau horror. You know the kind of thing? A handful of scary stories gathered together into one film. For those awful moments when you … Continue reading Spirits, monsters, madness, graves, creeps and the dead.