Famous Last Words

For the last ever post on MostlyFilm, we’ve assembled as many current and former contributors as possible to show you their favourite endings from the movies. Technically, there may be spoilers. So, that’s it from us. Thanks to all of you out there for reading over the last seven years! It’s been a pleasure and … Continue reading Famous Last Words

Shortly Oscars 2018

For the climax of MostlyFilm’s final week of existence, we’re bringing you an entire weekend of Oscar coverage. On Saturday, you’ll get a full list of our predictions: on Sunday, our team will be with you throughout the night covering the awards ceremony in as live a fashion as they can manage. But to start … Continue reading Shortly Oscars 2018

SEVEN OF SEVEN – Monoglot Movie Club: Epitaph 1

Continuing our look back on the last seven years of MostlyFilm, here’s the final part of an occasional series in which Spank The Monkey travels to foreign countries, watches films in unfamiliar languages, and then complains about not understanding them. This episode: Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Egypt, Denmark, Italy and Japan, 2012-2017.

Mostly Farewell

Okay, we said we were closing down back in December, but we really mean it this time. Nevertheless, MostlyFilm has TEN BLOODY DAYS of premium content for you before we pull down the shutters, with one or two new posts every day from now until Oscar night and beyond. To introduce our week-and-a-bit of wonders, … Continue reading Mostly Farewell


…but nearly all the Batmen? Actually, Clooney, Kilmer, Bale or Batfleck fans will have to look elsewhere. But forget that cowardly, superstitious lot. After the jump, five MostlyFilm writers shall shine a light on the most interesting iterations of the dark knight detective.

Monoglot Movie Club Special: Netflix i Chłód

It’s the end of an era for us; indeed it is the end of us. After almost seven years, MostlyFilm – for most of this decade, Europe’s Best Website – is calling it a day. But we’re not going to just walk away without leaving you a few things to remember us by. Between now … Continue reading Monoglot Movie Club Special: Netflix i Chłód