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America’s Next Top Model – Cycle 15

by KittyKarate

Over 15 cycles since 2003 (model years are shorter than television years) Tyra Banks has continued on her quest to find America’s Next Top Model. This person has to be a triple threat – to be able walk runway, to do commercial and television and to be strong and edgy enough to do editorial photoshoots. This is a tough challenge she has set, and over the previous cycles she has produced some talented girls, those who have worked consistently as models such as Kim Stoltz, Jaslene Gonzalez, Elyse Sewell and Toccara Jones and others who have bartered their exposure into television and acting careers such as Eva Marcille (née Pigford), Yoanna House and Yaya Dacosta. Sadly the majority of the girls, even winners, slip back into their old lives when the cycle is completed.

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