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Victory At All Costs: MostlyFilm’s Oscar Predictions

As the seatfillers, seamsters and speechwriters prepare for their busiest night of the year, Laura Morgan brings you some predictions for the ninetieth Academy Awards.

A rare shot of Frances McDormand phoning it in.

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Shortly Oscars 2018

For the climax of MostlyFilm’s final week of existence, we’re bringing you an entire weekend of Oscar coverage. On Saturday, you’ll get a full list of our predictions: on Sunday, our team will be with you throughout the night covering the awards ceremony in as live a fashion as they can manage. But to start things off, here are Indy Datta and Spank The Monkeydoing their usual schtick of reviewing the nominees in the short film categories.

DeKalb Elementary

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Mostly Oscars 2017

Welcome to MostlyFilm’s coverage of the 89th Academy Awards, where in the era of Brexit, Trump and the New England Patriots we are confidently predicting a clean sweep for Hacksaw Ridge.

Not really

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Here’s To The Fools Who Dream: MostlyFilm’s Oscars Predictions

Whet your appetite for tomorrow evening with our Oscars predictions, guaranteed* to net you a win at the bookie’s, brought to you by seasoned Oscars host Laura Morgan, ably assisted by this year’s Best Supporting liveblog team of Ricky Young, Victor Field, Clio and new kid on the block Blake Backlash.

*Not guaranteed


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You’re So Vain, You Probably Think This Film Is About You

Ahead of this weekend’s Oscars, Laura Morgan laments a lack of recognition for Hugh Grant and celebrates some of his fellow secret stars of other people’s films.

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Mostly Likely Awards 2017

We’ve decided to split our preview of 2017 up. The first part will focus on the awards contenders for this year, and some foreign language releases in the first few months.


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Mostly Oscars 2016: All White On The Night

Preamble: Hello! You’re looking smashing. And we are popping in between appointments with the hair stylist and the jeweller to let you know that from (approximately) 10.30 this evening, UK time, we will be bringing you our fifth annual Oscars liveblog coverage, kicking off with incisive and knowledgeable (YMMV) commentary on the red carpet and powering through with the aid of tequila and Wotsits until 5am when The Revenant wins Best Picture and we can all go home.

The Oscars
Join us for the second-best essentially fake industry piss-up after the Meat & Poultry Processing Awards (organised by Meat Trades Journal), this year to be held at Radisson Blu Edwardian in Manchester on Thursday March the 3rd.

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Hollywood’s Heading Here: Mostly Oscars 2015

Did you sleep through the Oscars? Never fear, we had your back.

Oscars 2015

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Cockblockin’ Beats!

Niall Anderson attempts to get his groove on to Damien Chazelle’s Whiplash

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Today, MostlyFilm looks at a bit of upcoming telly you may not have heard about. Christian Torres reports.

‘Gravity’? No, I haven’t seen Gravity. In fact, what *is* gravity?

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