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Mostly Oscars 2014


This year’s live! Exclusive! realtime! (where realtime = seconds or minutes behind the official broadcast!) Oscars commentary is brought to you by seasoned regulars Laura Morgan and Victor Field, plus a mysterious cabal of shadowy individuals known as MarvMarsh, Clio and veal. Join us here from 11ish tonight for insightful, incisive (and other “i” words) observations from the red carpet, the ceremony and the internet at large. In the meantime, meet your hosts…

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Oscars: Preamble

Oscars bingo
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This year’s live! Exclusive! realtime! (where realtime = seconds or minutes behind the official broadcast!) Oscars commentary is brought to you by seasoned regulars Laura Morgan and Victor Field, plus a mysterious cabal of shadowy individuals known as MarvMarsh, Clio and veal. Join us here from 11ish tonight for insightful, incisive (and other “i” words) observations from the red carpet, the ceremony and the internet at large. In the meantime, meet your hosts…

Laura Morgan is gainfully unemployed, has made her own set of Oscar predictions over at, and may become diverted from Oscars coverage because she is currently in charge of a two-year-old and a large dog. Victor Field is 44, unattached and unlooking, has about 2000 soundtrack albums and wishes Quentin Tarantino would bother to commission his own film music instead of using other people’s, the lazy little fucker.

MarvMarsh is a fan of all Brad Pitt’s different hair cuts and won’t have it that he (Brad, not Marv) is botching being the most beautiful man in the world. Clio is a longtime connoisseur of Oscar subtleties and absurdities, who still thinks that Judy Garland was
robbed of Best Actress in 1955. Veal is so mysterious that we don’t even know enough about her to give her a bio.

As is MostlyFilm tradition (well, we’ve done it twice, and we’re only three years old) we are playing Oscars bingo. This year we will be awarding points for each of the following:

  • Cate is asked about or mentions Woody Allen
  • Anybody (including himself) makes fun of Alfonso Cuarón’s English or accent.
  • The Samuel L. Jackson Memorial Really Bad Loser Award
  • An earnest Hollywood reminder that slavery is a Bad Thing
  • A woman other than Ellen Degeneres in trousers
  • An embarrassingly inappropriate acting nomination clip
  • The orchestra kicks in mid-speech. Bonus points for anyone actually managing to silence the orchestra à la Julia Roberts
  • MrsMarv, who is approximately 40 weeks pregnant, goes into labour

Exciting times! See you back here later. Bring popcorn.

London Film Festival: Festival Wrap-Up

Ron Swanson

This year’s London Film Festival put together the best programme of films I can remember in my ten or so years of attendance. It delivered some brilliant films with huge reputations from festivals earlier in the year, but also a fair few new discoveries for me, and a handful of well-crafted crowd-pleasing films, which are the lifeblood of any festival. Continue reading London Film Festival: Festival Wrap-Up

Mostly Film goes back to the Oscars

After the ROARING SUCCESS that was last year’s Mostly Film Oscars liveblog, we’re back in a revised and updated incarnation, consisting of last year’s bloggers Concetta Sidoti and Laura Morgan, with bonus Y chromosomes provided by Victor Field and MF regular Niall Anderson. We’ll be providing incisive and penetrating commentary on the red carpet, the candidates, the ceremony and everything in between, always assuming we manage to stay awake. We have popcorn, beer, jelly beans and chocolate-covered raisins and right now we’re raring to go, so join us back here from 11pm for all the Oscars coverage you could possibly need, as long as all the Oscars coverage you could possibly need consists of commentary from four people watching on a slight delay.

Your hosts for tonight:

Concetta Sidoti is a journalist who tweets as @concettasidoti. Victor Field is 43 years old, not looking forward to seeing Adele’s mug all over the tabloids if she wins, and tangling with a bizarre attraction to Jessica Chastain. Laura Morgan tweets as @elsie_em and blogs at, where she has recently made her own Oscars predictions. She rather likes Adele’s mug and is looking forward to seeing it later. Niall Anderson is a drinker, a good fellow, a story-teller, somebody’s secretary, something in a distillery, a tax-gatherer, a bankrupt and at present a praiser of his own past.

Once again we’ll be playing Oscars Bingo, and this year we want one of each of the following:

  • A woman in trousers
  • A man in anything other than a black tux
  • A crazily awkward red carpet moment
  • A cutesy shot of Emmanuelle Riva and Quvenzhané Wallis together
  • A winner crying on stage
  • A losing nominee smiling unconvincingly
  • The Samuel L Jackson award for the first clearly pissed off losing nominee
  • The most clearly unwelcome long acceptance speech from a winner in a technical category

We’ll see you back here later. Now go and stock up on snacks.

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Eat My Shorts!

Best Animated Short
by Spank The Monkey


About a week and a half ago, I spent a delightful Sunday morning at the Watershed in Bristol, watching a programme of the nominees for this year’s Best Animated Short Oscar. It’s a service provided in cinemas across the globe by the good people at Shorts HD. In preparation for this article, I did a quick check online shortly after the screening, and was delighted to discover that four of the films were viewable for free on YouTube, with the fifth only available via a dodgy streaming site I’d never heard of before.

One week later, three of those four YouTube links were dead. Could this have anything to do with Shorts HD’s plans to make their Oscar programme available for sale on iTunes? Possibly. It just means I’ve had to dig a little harder to find copies of the nominees for you to watch. They’re irritatingly embedded in all sorts of other pages, and I can’t guarantee how long they’ll be around for. Hurry, hurry, hurry.

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Yesterday’s Men


George Valentin - Georges Méliès
The gorgeous Georges.

I know what you’re thinking.  You’ve clicked on a link, and now there’s a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach.  “Oh no,” you sigh, “not another bloody article about those retro-juggernauts, The Artist (2011) and Hugo (2011) and what it all means for Hollywood.  That’s so last month!”

Well, perhaps.  But as a teacher of film history, I hope that I can offer a slightly different perspective on the films as far as their historical accuracy and their contemporary significance are concerned.

Let’s start with The Artist which, having fictional characters at its heart, brings fewer concerns with it.  George Valentin, Peppy Miller and Kinograph Studios never existed, but the film takes place at one of the most interesting and extensively documented periods in cinema history.  The conversion process from silent to sound cinema made – and, yes, broke – a number of careers, so it encompasses many elements which Hollywood itself loves so much, particularly meteoric rises and dramatic falls from grace.

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Mostly Frocks – the red carpet

Good evening! Welcome to the MostlyFilm liveblog of the 84th Academy Awards: the red carpet.

Mostly Film’s Oscar Livebloggers:

Tindara Sidoti-McNary is an art and film geek and fatshionista. Special interests include artist filmmakers and lipstick. She tweets as @Tindara

Concetta Sidoti is a journalist who tweets as @concettasidoti

Laura Morgan blogs at Glad All Over and tweets as @elsie_em


Laura: Good evening. I’ve installed myself on the sofa with the laptop, the iPad, a bottle of cola flavoured branded soft drink and a mountain of snacks. I’m playing red carpet bingo and I’m looking out for one of each of the following:

A dress that makes the wearer look naked from a distance
A flashed nipple (male or female)
A gravitationally improbable hairstyle
A nominee being effortlessly outshone on the red carpet by their other half (Brad Pitt is the obvious candidate here, but I’m always open to surprises)
A dress that in any other context would be a wedding dress

Please shout in the comments if you spot one or more of these before I do.

Tindara: Evening all. The washing’s on, I too have snacks and caramel flavoured beverages.

Red carpet news so far is that Berenice Bejo and Milla Jovovich will both be wearing Elie Saab, I’ve seen Jovovich, a fishtail one (exaggerated) shoulder number, with a subtle white/metallic sequin sparkle.

Penelope Ann Miller is in halter neck pastel pink with subtle sparkle too. So far bang on trend, with metallic shimmer and pastels.

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Mostly Frocks – the Mostly Film Academy Awards 2012 liveblog

Tonight Mostly Film goes live-action, and our all-women team will be commenting on the red carpet action and the Oscars ceremony.

The red carpet coverage will start from 11.30pm GMT and the Oscars ceremony from 1.30am GMT.

The MostlyFilm Oscars livebloggers are Laura Morgan, Concetta Sidoti and Tindara Sidoti-McNary. Editing, updating, and making virtual cups of tea (or, since the ceremony starts at one-thirty London time, maybe something stronger) is Josephine Grahl.

Before our live coverage starts, you can check out the MostlyFilm Oscar predictions here, or Laura’s predictions (both the pre-BAFTAS  and post-BAFTAS versions.) Continue reading Mostly Frocks – the Mostly Film Academy Awards 2012 liveblog

Mostly Oscar Predictions

With the Oscars appearing on maybe half a dozen Sky HD TVs this weekend, two of our writers look at the prospects for this weekend’s 84th Academy Awards.  Warning: contains a spoiler for Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy:

The weeks between the Oscar nominations and the awards have always been the highlight of my cinema year.  Each year (with a small-child-inflicted gap) I do my best to see as many of the main nominees as possible before the big day.  In the past this would involve a final dogged trip to London on the last weekend  to sweep up the last 2 (or one year, 3) films which hadn’t come to the sticks but which were always available at the Odeon Panton Street.

Some years this was great, others, well, watching House of Sand and Fog, Mystic River and 21 Grams in a single day doesn’t make for a cheery coach ride back to Oxford.  The actual night is usually a complete letdown, hours  of frocks, excruciating musical numbers, plodding delivery of bland jokes* and the wrong winner in most categories. And last year’s inexplicable juggernaut shut-out by The King’s Speech made the actual telecast pretty tedious. But I’ve never before had a year where I just can’t be bothered to see so very many of the nominated films.   Looking through the lists again is a weary, weary prospect, but here’s my view on the big four:

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