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Competition time: Samsara

You may remember Indy Datta’s review of Samsara back in August (please do check out the images and the stunning trailer embedded in that review, it’s pretty amazing) which concluded with the opinion that ‘Samsara’s images themselves are consistently glorious’ and that the Blu-Ray ‘is destined to become a preferred demo disc of home cinema nerds everywhere.’

Well, nerds, I have good news! The dual-play Blu-Ray will be out on Monday and we have a copy to give away. Give away! Like some kind of competition! Sweet.

1000 Hands Dance, Beijing, China

All you have to do to win this eye-meltingly beautiful film is email me* with the answer to this question by midnight on Sunday 13th of January:

What is the name of the seminal 1982 ‘visual documentary essay’ Samsara director Ron Fricke worked on as cinematographer?

I will accept slightly misspelled answers. Usual exclusions apply to MostlyFilm contributors, their families and indentured undead servants.

*solemn promise that we will not ever spam you.

Lawrence of Arabia Competition


Lawrence of Arabia is 50 years old. If you can tell us when and where it premièred we have a pair of tickets for the screening tomorrow at Empire Leicester Square at 2.30 pm. It is a 1,330 seat cinema with a high quality 56K Watt THX certified sound system, showcasing Lawrence of Arabia in the best possible setting in its original road show presentation with an overture and intermission.

To win email editor at mostlyfilm dot com before 3pm today with your answer. First out of the hat wins. There’s a clue here in our original review.  Good luck!