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Destination Unknown

An elderly man plays with the remains of a fence, then walks across a scrubby heath.

“There were no trees here,” he says, looking at a path weaving through the bushes. “Nothing.” He regards the nothing for a moment, then tells of the last time he saw his family at the Kraków-Plaszów forced labour camp, in 1942.  The camp featured in Schindler’s List

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I Hate 1986

1986 week continues at MostlyFilm Towers, where over the next few days we’ll be wishing a happy 30th birthday to some of our contributors’ favourite films. But first, Paul Duane has something he needs to get off his chest…

Tom Cruise in Top Gun

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Trail of a Time Lord

Ten years ago today, a much-loved, oft-maligned and thoroughly-cancelled television programme returned to the BBC. Join the writers of MostlyFilm as we trace the new history of Doctor Who…

Not Now Paul
A hangover from someone else’s big night.


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Annus Mirabilis as seen from the back row

Blake Backlash takes Philip Larkin’s declaration that ‘sexual intercourse began in 1963’ as point-of-departure to explore cinematic depictions of sex in early ‘60s British cinema. Or maybe he just watches some old films and tells you about the dirty bits.

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