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The Back Page – 18 May 2012

It would be Frank Capra’s 115th birthday today. Here he is on the set of It Happened One Night, cracking a great joke to Claudette Colbert and.. I dunno, some guy with a funny moustache.

Stop! Trailer time! It’s The Raid. I actually know nothing about this, so I’m watching this cold.

Woah! Holy shit! And oh ho, don’t trust us with foreign-language, eh? Still. Fuck me. I’m going to watch that again. You don’t have to. That looks ridiculously great. Oh, endorsement from Nuts. Pah. Isn’t Barry Norman doing their cinema reviews these days, anyway?

Link time! Could this oral history of Friends be any meatier? No, it could not. Enjoy.

And here’s the (very strong, my friends) week in Mostly Film:

The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp, a personal take on a great film

Swallows and Amazons Forever, on the new musical version with songs by Neil Hannon

A Glimpse of Striped Stocking, Dark Shadows set in the line of sexy witches through the ages

A Study in Scarlett, viewing Gone With the Wind through the prism of Scarlett’s frocks

Join us next week for part two of A Study in Scarlett, NOISE, pop pickings and a genuine exclusive from the director of a new release.

The Back Page, May 11 2012


We’re firmly in blockbuster season now, so what we got? Oh, hi, Tim Burton! Is that Johnny Depp? And Helena Bonham-Carter? What are the odds?

To be fair, that looks lots of fun, and I’m not as Burton-sceptic as some of my MF colleagues. Anyway, we have an article next week which talks more about Dark Shadows so I’ll leave it there.

This isn’t a link dump! But, since you ask, here’s an amusing fight over the use of poster quotes. Four stars, MostlyFilm.

THIS ISN’T A LINK DUMP, but here are this week’s MostlyFilm articles:

Café de Flore, our review of Jean-Marc Vallée’s new film.

All the world’s a stage, some highlights from the Globe’s current Shakespeare in Foreign season.

One Face, A Thousand Lives, on MoMA’s Cindy Sherman retrospective.

Join us next week for Blimp, Swallows & Amazons, sexy witches, frocks frocks frocks and MORE.

The Back Page – May 4 2012

Paul Gleason would have been 73 today, so let’s celebrate his life with a picture of him and that kid with the perm on the set of Ewok spin-off film Battle for Endor. Because, you know. May the fourth and… and all that… God, I’m so sorry. It was Audrey Hepburn’s birthday too, and I went with this? SACK MOTH!

Trailer for this week? How about Takashi Miike’s Hara-Kiri?

Because there’s nothing like a bit of the ol’ ritual disembowelling to set you up for a Friday. This being Miike, I expect if the suicide does go through we won’t be spared the detail.

Link of the week is this Vanity Fair oral history of The Sopranos a set of screen tests for Gone With the Wind. You may consider yourself forewarned of future MostlyFilm content with that, too. Oh, yes.

Existing MostlyFilm content, which you may have missed:

Mostly Pop April 2012, snarky singles reviews.

Comics to Screen: Marvel Avengers Assemble, a look at comic book translation.

LOLs of Arabia, another gonzo Monoglot Movie Club entry.

Safe, Jason Statham kicking all kinds of bottom.

Join us next week for art! Theatre! film! A bank holiday!

The Back Page, April 27 2012

Yeah yeah, it was Tuesday, but Barbra Streisand turned 70 this week and today's best birthday is Jack Klugman. Who is super cool, but doesn't do good photos. So here's Babs, in a photo I simply couldn't not use.

Trailer-wise, well, there’s this, I guess. I don’t go for these pretentious arthouse flicks, but etc etc joke’s been done, man.

I’m not going to lie – that trailer could’ve made the concept of a bunch of superheroes kicking almighty amounts of ass more exciting. At times it’s a bit like ‘And then, oh, I dunno, Robert Downey Jnr turns up’, which is not really that amazing, unless you’re really into RDJ. I guess there is an emphasis on the Whedonian talky-talkiness, which is BALLS in a trailer. Start with a joke or a sententious bit of scene-setting, blow things up,  have buh-boom, buh-boom fade ins and outs, end it on a line whispered over silence, url, done.

I’ve been doing a fair bit of arguing on the internet recently, and this is an invaluable guide to logical fallacies. Win every time! In your head.

OR! You could read a MostlyFilm post you may have missed this week:

La Grande Illusion – Renoir’s overlooked masterpiece, out on Blu Ray this week.

Making Music – a nostalgic ramble across the sacred turf of the romantic mixtape.

Mostly Records – a roundup of the best and not so best albums of the year so far.

Il Boom – Vittorio De Sica’s film about debt in times of economic prosperity.

Join us next week for: an actual opinion on Avengers! Pop pop pop musik! More Monoglot Movie Madness! THE STATHE!

The Back Page – April 13 2012

It’s Friday! The thirteenth!

Howard Keel
Howard Keel would have been 93 today; here's a picture of him all casual like, just readin' the papers like he's not Wild Bill Hickok. WHICH HE TOTALLY IS.

I’m not jazzed by the release schedule this week (except A Night to Remember), but, uh, let’s see, The Cabin in the Woods is finally out, so let’s all have a look at the trailer:

Oh, right, OK, so it’s a sci-fi slasher film. Cube crossed with Friday 13th – which is apt, given the date. Wait, though, doesn’t that make it Jason X? Yeah, in your boiled egg face, Whedon!

I couldn’t let you go without giving you a link to this blog post on movie titles. Your life will be enriched by the creator of The Idiotmaker’s Gravity Tour, I promise you.

Or you could read a MostlyFilm post. Not as many as usual this week:

Personal Jesuses, a somewhat blasphemous group piece on unusual Jesus figures

Planks vs Zombies, a slaughter of the Walking Dead innocents/numskulls.

Hair Apparent, a run-through of some jarring hair and makeup in period films.

Join us next week for the end of days for the Titanic and the telly, plus the Terracotta film festival and our review of Breathing.

The Back Page – March 30 2012

It's Warren Beatty's 75th Birthday! Here he is on the set of Bonnie and Clyde, doing some excellent pointing.

Now, The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists!  Arrived in cinemas on Wednesday, but I’m damned if I’m not having this trailer in the post this week.

Oh, that’s good stuff. There’s a longer version on the official site if you want to see some actual jokes (‘Some of you are just fish I’ve put a hat on’), but for me the sea shanty version wins. I’m actually a bit excited about seeing it.

If you’re looking for something to read, why not give this Vanity Fair article a look, it’s all about The Sopranos, from those who made it.

Or you could read a MostlyFilm post. Choose from this week’s gems:

Boys Don’t Cry, on the charms of Nicholas Sparks.

Nuking From Orbit, on the Alien/Prometheus marketing machine.

Rearranging the Furniture, on Lena Dunham’s Tiny Furniture and Girls.

35 Nation Army, on weird and wonderful covers of Seven Nation Army.

Next up on MostlyFilm – More obscure gems! La Grande Illusion! OUR FIRST ANNIVERSARY! And sexy, sexy Jesus.

The Back Page – March 23 2012

It would be Joan Crawford's 107th birthday today. Here she is with Clark Gable (111), who is wearing what I sincerely hope is his costume from Mutiny on the Bounty and not just casualwear. She, of course, is cosplaying as Popeye.

Big release this week is obviously The Hunger Games, which I assume, following the lead of Battleship, is a big-budget Hungry Hungry Hippos adaptation. But sod it – we’ve been quite excited about Spike off of Press Gang’s Wild Bill since last year’s London Film Festival so…


Not that we want you to leave us, but here’s a nice article about film criticism in the 60s/70s.

Or you could stick around and read a MostlyFilm article from this week. All crackers:

There’s Always Two Lawyers, Kenneth Lonergan talking about screenwriting.

Sweeney Todd, our review of the new stage production.

The Ever-Expanding White Cube, on the art gallery chain.

Black Coal Heart, on the somewhat overlooked genre of British noir.

Join us next week for smooches, aliens, tiny furniture and a load of slap.

The Back Page – March 16 2012

Welcome to our new-look Friday column!

Jerry Lewis and Alfred Hitchcock
It's Jerry Lewis's 86th birthday. Here he is with Alfred Hitchcock on the set of To Catch a Thief.

Big release this week? Well, probably We Bought a Zoo, but fuck me, look at the trailer:

Man quits job in dramatic fashion! Tousle-haired moppet jumps up and down and goes ‘Yay!’ Hoppípolla! ScarJo in a Christmas jumper! Matt Damon had better be playing an amnesiac assassin who accidentally buys a zoo, that’s all I’m saying.

In lieu of a MostlyFilm post, why not read this excellent treatise on the correct order in which to watch the Star Wars Films? No reason, I just happen to agree.

Or you could read a MostlyFilm post. There were four this week:

Yesterday’s Men, on Hugo and the Artist.

If My Calculations Are Correct pt IV, the culmination of an epic sci fi viewing project.

Mostly Pop, the month in popular music.

Once Upon a Time in Anatolia, our review of the film.

Join us next week for screenwriting, man-pies, art and British Noir.

Mostly Links – 17 February 2012

by Indy Datta

Gosh, The Simpsons is 500 episodes old (and marking the occasion with an episode featuring antipodean secret-spiller Julian Assange), whodathunk, etc? There have been grand claims made for the cultural significance of Matt Groening’s  creation – although such claims have decreased in frequency as the quality of the show has, so the consensus has it, declined. That consensus may be considered harsh, but if you were to ask people for their favourite episodes, few would come from the last ten years.

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Mostly Links – 10 February 2012

by Indy Datta

Ewan McGregor and Eva Green in “Perfect Sense”, released in America today

Mostly Links is a bit jetlagged this week, so is outsourcing the first part of this week’s blog to a joke-generating bot, which has been programmed to deliver witticisms about this week’s 3D-retrofitted re-release, on both sides of the Atlantic, of Star Wars Episode I: the Phantom Menace:

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