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Under His Eye

We’re three weeks into the TV adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s dystopian novel in the UK, The Handmaid’s Tale. Kate le Vann ponders if it is really a warning of things to come, or a reflection of the present.

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It Is Happening Again

Twin Peaks has returned, but does it meet expectations? theTramp investigates

When Twin Peaks first aired, back in 1990, its impact was monumental. I’m not talking about the impact that it had on television; the realisation that narrative structures could move about a bit, that magic realism could step off the page, that strong characters could lend themselves to unpredictable narrative formats and still be watchable. No I am talking about the impact that it had on me personally.

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Fight, fight and fight again

While the rest of the UK talks about going back to the 70s, MostlyFilm wants to talk about the 90s. In 2015, following Corbyn’s election to the Labour Party leadership,  Viv Wilby revisited The Deal (2003). Confused? Here’s what she said. 

So, I watched The Deal again. It felt strange, like a series of stepping stones back through the decades: watching in 2015 a drama from 2003 about events from 1994 that had their roots in the early 1980s.

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Courtroom Drama

The newest Criterion Collection Blu-Ray, Sidney Lumet’s 12 Angry Men, hits the shelves in the UK on 15th May. Fiona Pleasance joins the jury.

The premise of 12 Angry Men could hardly be simpler. Almost all of the film takes place in a single room in a New York City courthouse in the mid-1950s, where the members of a jury deliberate on the trial of a young man accused of murdering his father.

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The Iron Lady

By Gareth Negus

With yet another election looming in the next few weeks, we’re revisiting Gareth Negus’s review of the Margaret Thatcher biopic from 2011. Whatever you may think of the present incumbent, you’d never catch Thatch looking awkward while eating chips out of a cone. 

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The Candidate

As the US gears up for another presidential election, Fiona Pleasance watches a film about a blond outsider taking on the political establishment with unexpected success.

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Double Trouble

Following the news that Natalie Portman will be playing the former first lady in Jackie, Laura Morgan celebrates the good, the bad and the ugly of celebrity casting.

Jackie? Oh.

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Dud Meridian

Niall Anderson struggles bravely with Tarantino’s sadistic Western epic The Hateful Eight

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Fight, fight and fight again

MostlyFilm took yesterday off to watch Prime Minister’s Questions. Today, with the man who leads the Labour Party all over the news, Viv Wilby revisits The Deal

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Desert Island Flicks

The General Election is almost upon us. And is there any better way to judge our politicians than by the films they claim to be interested in? Well, yes. There are much better ways. But it’s films that we’re interested in here. Emma Street tells you why you can’t trust anything politicians ever tell you.

These 'Private Eye' covers pretty much write themselves, don't they?
These ‘Private Eye’ covers pretty much write themselves, don’t they?

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