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Monoglot Movie Club Special: Netflix i Chłód

It’s the end of an era for us; indeed it is the end of us. After almost seven years, MostlyFilm – for most of this decade, Europe’s Best Website – is calling it a day. But we’re not going to just walk away without leaving you a few things to remember us by. Between now and the New Year we’ll be giving you some of our signature columns, and in early January we will look back at our favourites from the last seven years.

So, to begin our farewell, we bring you the Monoglot Movie Club Season Finale, with a slight tweak in the rules to make it feel special. For (almost) the last time, let’s go over to our man in… Front of Netflix?

“So these 13 Poles walked into a bar…” starts Spank The Monkey, ominously.

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Hidden Gems of Streaming: Keira Knightley Special

The Tramp’s latest edition of “films you might overlook on streaming services but really they are worth a look honest” features Keira Knightley, a lot. Non-fans turn away now.

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Dying Laughing

Jim Eaton-Terry looks at Dying Laughing, a new documentary on the life of the stand-up comic

There’s always something odd about an extended conversation with a really great stand up.  Inevitably there’s the tension of waiting for a gag that never comes, which often distracts from the conversation.    Comics are clearly aware of this, and the weaker ones will defuse the tension with a crowd-pleasing riff or two, but the best conversations strip away the humour and show how the world looks from the stage.

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The Power of Persuasion

In this instalment of our occasional series on cinematic gems hiding out on the Internet, theTramp begs you to consider 2013’s Austenland.

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American Gods

So American Gods aired its first episode in the UK on Amazon prime on Monday. Do we care? Should we? TheTramp thinks so and she’s gonna tell you why…

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How Could You?!

Mostly Film mourns for tv shows cancelled after just one season (and still available to stream online)


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Girlfriend is Better

Sarah Slade watches Elvis’s granddaughter go through The Girlfriend Experience


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