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Come and meet those dancing feet

The West End revival of 42nd Street is a musical for the Strictly generation, says Viv Wilby

42nd Street London

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Oops, it looks like you’ve created an infinite loop

Tim Minchin’s musical version of Groundhog Day opened at the Old Vic this week. Viv Wilby gets stuck in Punxsutawney

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Shakin’ All Over

With the Horrible Historians’ Bill already in cinemas, and Justin Kurzel’s grand guignol Macbeth coming this weekend, we asked our contributors to tell us about their own memorable experiences with filmed adaptations of Shakespeare’s plays. Enter Mr Moth, pursued by a… Moth-eating bear.


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Six Plays In Search Of An Audience

Lissy Lovett and Blake Backlash have some theatre recommendations for you from this year’s Edinburgh Fringe.

Fake It Til You Make It

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Mostly MIFfy 2015 

The Manchester International Festival is an 18 day celebration of the best new artistic work from around the world. Here’s what Spank The Monkey saw there during two of those days.


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The Ruling Class

Lissy Lovett watches a play about privilege and society (from the cheap seats).

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Nothing to declare

Niall Anderson watches Al Pacino deconstruct Oscar Wilde’s most difficult play, and himself

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Bid the players make haste

Lissy Lovett went to Manchester to see Sarah Frankcom’s new production of Hamlet with Maxine Peake, and is really glad she did.

Hamlet on the right grips Ophelia's face.  Hamlet is an androgynous woman.  Ophelia is a young short haired woman.
Maxine Peake makes her point. [Katie West as Ophelia (left) and Maxine Peake as Hamlet in HAMLET (Royal Exchange Theatre until 25 October). Photo – Jonathan Keenan]

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Words, Words, Words

Lissy Lovett kicks off her week of editing Mostly Film with a post about her day job, theatre captioning.

Post-show discussion following a performance of Yellowman at Hampstead

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