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The MostlyFilm Best of 2013

We’ve had personal roundups of the best films of 2013, but what of the popular vote? Every year, and 2013 was no exception, posters on the MostlyFilm talkboard  vote for their favourite films of that year. 2012’s list is here. 2013’s list is sitting just below the jump. Can you resist clicking for more? We can only hope not!

"Placing in the MostlyFilm Best of list makes this seem like a load of crap, right?"
“Placing in the MostlyFilm Best of list makes this seem like a load of crap, right?”

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MostlyFilm’s Review of 2013 – Movies

The last part of our review of the year looks at, well, Film. Top ten lists, musings, and ramblings follow after the jump from Matthew Turner, Laura Morgan, Gareth Negus, Ron Swanson and Indy Datta. If you want to know which one of them actually chose Run For Your Wife, you’ll have to go past the jump. Try the Pavlova.


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Before Midnight

By Gareth Negus


“How long has it been since we just wandered around bullshitting?” wonders Jesse (Ethan Hawke) in Before Midnight. The correct answer, though it doesn’t come, is nine years: the period of time since we last saw Jesse and Celine (Julie Delpy) in the 2004 film Before Sunset. Before that, it was nine years again, when the couple first met in Before Sunrise (1995).

It’s a long way from being the year’s biggest threequel, yet in some circles, Before Midnight is surely the most anticipated.  Directed, like its predecessors, by Richard Linklater, co-written by the director and his two stars, it now completes one of the most satisfying trilogies in cinema.

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