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A Glimpse of Striped Stocking

by The Tramp

When I was little the witches of fairy tales were frightening creatures with warty hooked noses, long straggly grey hair, impractically long, shapeless black dresses who were fond of turning the broomstick into flying vehicles (obviously they had bums of steel – no comfy sofa flights for them). But not so the witches of movies and television. With the exception of the green faced wicked witch of the west (the original www) and the odd Disney moment, witches are alluring, sexy women with men issues. Because even witches, with their magical powers and their broomstick toughened posteriors are really driven by the male sex. Boys, it’s always all about you.

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The Back Page, May 11 2012


We’re firmly in blockbuster season now, so what we got? Oh, hi, Tim Burton! Is that Johnny Depp? And Helena Bonham-Carter? What are the odds?

To be fair, that looks lots of fun, and I’m not as Burton-sceptic as some of my MF colleagues. Anyway, we have an article next week which talks more about Dark Shadows so I’ll leave it there.

This isn’t a link dump! But, since you ask, here’s an amusing fight over the use of poster quotes. Four stars, MostlyFilm.

THIS ISN’T A LINK DUMP, but here are this week’s MostlyFilm articles:

Café de Flore, our review of Jean-Marc Vallée’s new film.

All the world’s a stage, some highlights from the Globe’s current Shakespeare in Foreign season.

One Face, A Thousand Lives, on MoMA’s Cindy Sherman retrospective.

Join us next week for Blimp, Swallows & Amazons, sexy witches, frocks frocks frocks and MORE.