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I Hate 1986

1986 week continues at MostlyFilm Towers, where over the next few days we’ll be wishing a happy 30th birthday to some of our contributors’ favourite films. But first, Paul Duane has something he needs to get off his chest…

Tom Cruise in Top Gun

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Mostly Pop January 2013

by MrMoth

David Bowie
Where Are We Now?

This month on Mostly Pop – old people! Well, some of them are merely getting on a bit in pop terms (ie they are now in their 30s), but some are proper old. Like David Bowie! Remember David Bowie? Ask your granddad etc. Anyway, as Jim touched on in his Music For Old People column last week, Bowie’s back after ten years of, I dunno, playing Call of Duty and wanking. This is his first single since some single literally no-one gave a toss about, and it’s my duty to review it because people apparently give a toss now, plus January is just the worst month for singles releases and I need material. Sorry, Jim, I do know he’s your turf.

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Mostly Records, January 2013

By Jim Eaton-Terry

In retrospect maybe Tuesday wasn’t the best day for Dido to announce her comeback

Obviously there’s only one story this week.  Like everyone (OK, like everyone over about 35 with an interest in pop music) I woke up on Tuesday to find my Twitter feed melting with the news that Bowie had reappeared with a new single, something I’d given up on years ago.  In the time since it seems that pretty much every music writer worth reading has held forth on the subject[1] so I’m not sure there’s much to add.  The single is lovely, the video deeply peculiar, the cover is awful, and I’ve already ordered the album.

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