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Sex and horror

Sex has always had a role to play in horror, just look at Dracula. But, the Tramp asks, is this relationship a healthy one? Have we moved beyond the allegorical to something far more disturbing and Ballardian than Stoker could ever have dreamt of?

I vant to bite your neck
I vant to bite your neck

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It’s a hundred years since Bram Stoker had his head removed, and a stake driven through his heart died, and, sure, it’s Friday so I could’ve just found a picture of him eating some KFC and we’d all be happy.


But sometimes, oh, things just get out of hand and here are some of our writers on lesser-seen vampire flicks. Looking at them all together, the words ‘sexy’ and ‘erotic’ crop up a lot of times. What does that say about us? About vampires? What do you think? What would Mr Stoker think?

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