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FrightFest the 13th

by Gareth Negus

Rosie Day in Frightfest’s 2012 opening film, The Seasoning House

If I start by saying that the film I enjoyed most at Frightfest this year was a 40 year old reissue, it might sound like a cheap shot. But as that film was The Devil Rides Out, one of several vintage Hammers spruced up and showing to plug their imminent blu-ray release, it really isn’t.  All the same, this year’s festival did raise a few questions about the state of contemporary horror, with the best films tending to be those that looked back in some way to past glories.

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Assignment: Terror

Gareth Negus creeps from behind the couch to let us know about the best and worst of FrightFest 2011

“But … but – where are the bees?” Britania Nicol in The Wicker Tree

Horror is a broad church, and the FrightFest 2011 programme reflected that.  37 films, mostly British or American in origin but with a solid international selection, meant most people could reasonably expect to find something to upset or repulse them. Continue reading Assignment: Terror