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By Blake Backlash

Breathing: the first thing you have to get the hang of when you stumble into the world, and the last habit you break before you go out of it. By calling his film Breathing, Karl Markovics is no doubt trying to alert us to the film’s thematic concerns with living and dying. However, the title also seems to me to be about the way the way those movements inside our chests serve to connect us. Not only is it something that we all do, it also the most immediate and ever-present way we have to meet the world around us. You might not be thinking about it much as you read this, but if the air around you changed in way that made breathing difficult, you’d soon start to pay attention to it. And that act, of noticing our breathing, also seems to bring the present moment into sharp focus – that’s why tapes that are supposed to help you sleep, or help you meditate in way that helps you forget your worries, start by telling you notice as you breathe in… and out. A breath is a moment. Continue reading Breathing