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MostlyFilm’s Best of 2017

kiwizoidberg puts on his tux and reads out the results of our annual poll, because we can’t trust Warren Beatty to do it without making a complete Eli Wallachs of the job again.

MF award

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Here’s To The Fools Who Dream: MostlyFilm’s Oscars Predictions

Whet your appetite for tomorrow evening with our Oscars predictions, guaranteed* to net you a win at the bookie’s, brought to you by seasoned Oscars host Laura Morgan, ably assisted by this year’s Best Supporting liveblog team of Ricky Young, Victor Field, Clio and new kid on the block Blake Backlash.

*Not guaranteed


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Bebop à La La

Damien Chazelle’s La La Land has already made a splash at cinemas and on the awards circuit. Mostly Film’s resident grumpy jazzers, Martin and Sarah Slade, review the music, while self-confessed musical and Ryan Gosling aficionado Fiona Pleasance offers some thoughts on the film. Readers, be warned: mild SPOILERS follow.


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All Singing! All Dancing!

Here at Mostly Film we were very excited to hear that La La Land, the new Emma Stone-Ryan Gosling movie directed by Damian Chazelle which opens the Venice Film Festival this week, is being sold as a “reinvention of the musical”. In celebration, Fiona Pleasance introduces a look at some of our favourites of the genre.

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