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Great TV you’ve never seen: 32 Short films about Brian Limond*

* Oh, all right then, twelve

By Spank The Monkey

Limmy’s Show. Not pish

Remember that phrase you used to hear in continuity announcements, “…except for viewers in Scotland, who have their own programmes”? Limmy’s Show is one of those programmes. Up until a few years ago, a comedy show broadcast solely on BBC2 Scotland wouldn’t have raised even a flicker of interest south of Hadrian’s Wall. But technology’s moved on: thanks to a combination of comedy blogs, Twitter, BBC iPlayer, YouTube and those Sky channels that come just after the porn, Brian Limond’s sketch show has developed a small non-Scottish following.

Limmy has written, directed and performed in twelve episodes of his Show so far – six in the winter of 2010, and another six one year later. It would be far, far too easy to just link to a handful of YouTube sketch clips and let you work it out for yourself. So I’m a little embarrassed that this is exactly what I’m going to do. But let’s take a structured approach – one sketch from each episode, in chronological order – and use it to decide whether Limmy’s current relative obscurity is justified or not.

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