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SEVEN OF SEVEN – Top Of The Mostly Pops

In the penultimate episode of our look back at the cultural highlights of MostlyFilm’s past, Mr Moth takes on a seemingly impossible task: condense seven years worth of Mostly Pop into seven singles.


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Mostly Pop – June 2011

by Mr Moth  

Nicola Roberts – Beat of my Drum

Nicola Roberts was always my favourite Girl Aloud, in spite of the repeated criticisms slung at her – she can’t dance! She doesn’t smile! She can’t sing! – so when I became aware that she was launching a solo career I can honestly say my heart sank a little bit. “Stick to your legacy, Nicola!” I thought. “Be remembered as the slightly awkward redhead  in the best pop band ever, the one with the flat but oddly appealing singing voice!” Mostly, though, I thought “Don’t release a bunch of anodyne shit like Cheryl and Nadine!”

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