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The Back Page – May 4 2012

Paul Gleason would have been 73 today, so let’s celebrate his life with a picture of him and that kid with the perm on the set of Ewok spin-off film Battle for Endor. Because, you know. May the fourth and… and all that… God, I’m so sorry. It was Audrey Hepburn’s birthday too, and I went with this? SACK MOTH!

Trailer for this week? How about Takashi Miike’s Hara-Kiri?

Because there’s nothing like a bit of the ol’ ritual disembowelling to set you up for a Friday. This being Miike, I expect if the suicide does go through we won’t be spared the detail.

Link of the week is this Vanity Fair oral history of The Sopranos a set of screen tests for Gone With the Wind. You may consider yourself forewarned of future MostlyFilm content with that, too. Oh, yes.

Existing MostlyFilm content, which you may have missed:

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Comics to Screen: Marvel Avengers Assemble, a look at comic book translation.

LOLs of Arabia, another gonzo Monoglot Movie Club entry.

Safe, Jason Statham kicking all kinds of bottom.

Join us next week for art! Theatre! film! A bank holiday!