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The Eyes Have It

Ricky Young takes a belated rummage through Steven Moffat’s slightly whiffy leavings.

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And The Whole World Has To Answer Right Now Just To Tell You Once Again

Ricky Young escapes from his ultimately-pointless vault to look at series ten of Doctor Who.

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Then You Have To Make One

Sixteen months on from the last non-Xmas episode of Doctor Who, the two grumpy middle-aged Scotchmen in charge return for their swan-song. A third one – Ricky Young – is just pleased there’s no other songs involved, especially ‘River’ ones, in season-opener ‘The Pilot’.

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The State Of This

So that was Season 9 of Doctor Who, then. Ricky Young punches a diamond wall in the face, and wonders if the shredded knuckles were worth it.


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Doctor Who: The Magician’s Apprentice.


In which Ricky Young brings the now-traditional MostlyFilm HOT TAKE to the Who series opener, and is just glad that hot takes are supposed to be short.

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Trail of a Time Lord

Ten years ago today, a much-loved, oft-maligned and thoroughly-cancelled television programme returned to the BBC. Join the writers of MostlyFilm as we trace the new history of Doctor Who…

Not Now Paul
A hangover from someone else’s big night.


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I Will Not Forget One Line Of This

As The Doctor faced up to fifty years in the spotlight and the end of his regeneration cycle, the BBC went on an all-out Who binge. Ricky Young picks the bones out of the buffet.


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It Feels Different This Time

 by Ricky Young

Few things are certain in life, but one thing is for sure: Zoë Ball cannot start a sentence without preceding it with that weird teeth-sucking-then-“er” sound she makes. As a nation, we had forgotten quite how annoying it could be. But on Sunday night, for reasons likely to be forever lost to all of space and time, she was chosen to introduce the bizarre one-off special Doctor Who: Live – The Next Doctor, and we all got to be really quite irritated by it again, together, as one.

Yes, Peter Capaldi’s the next ‘Doctor Who’, lead character in the BBC’s television programme Doctor Who. It’s a bold move – brave, even. It’ll shake up a show in desperate need of being thrown into a completely different direction, and it might even raise the prospect of Capaldi using his Oscar to belt Steven Moffat across the face in an ‘I’m not saying this shit’ incident, which even if it never actually happens will forever exist in my head. In fact, I’m thinking about it right now. And again now. No, hang on…BAM! There it goes again!

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