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Boring Conversation Anyway

Not sure if you have heard,  but there’s a new Star Wars film on the way. I know,  me neither, but still. As a lead-in,  we got some of our writers to talk about and around the ‘Wars. Many Bothans died to bring us this information.

"But they're just Bothans, who cares amirite?" "Uhh.. It's a trap? "

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We’re all in it together

by TheTramp

So.. many.. Avengers. So.. much.. avenging…

Avengers Assemble, the Marvel movie-verse’s ensemble superhero flick, has done exceedingly well at the box office, taking $1.2 billion to date globally. If you haven’t seen it yet you are one of the few. A combination of clever marketing (the smartest of which was the utilisation of short 90 second slots at the end of a number of Marvel superhero movies over the last five years, including Iron Man, Thor and Captain America), smart casting (not least the reprisal of actors who made a role popular) and a crowd pleasing script bringing good word of mouth and fan boy appeasement has meant that this ensemble film has pulled in the studio dollars, got bums on cinema seats and generally done enough to ensure a few more spin-offs and a sequel.

Coincidentally, good casting, a smart script, a competent director and efficient marketing are everything that I think a good ensemble movie needs to be a success. Avengers Assemble may well be a superhero movie, but first and foremost it is an ensemble movie. We have at least seven key characters and a few more besides, with story arcs to be played out across the course of the film and whose storylines must overlap in order to create a narratively satisfying whole – one where we don’t wonder why we’ve been jumping about between different characters but enjoy the time we spent with each one and how they all come together to deliver the punch line.

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The Back Page – March 16 2012

Welcome to our new-look Friday column!

Jerry Lewis and Alfred Hitchcock
It's Jerry Lewis's 86th birthday. Here he is with Alfred Hitchcock on the set of To Catch a Thief.

Big release this week? Well, probably We Bought a Zoo, but fuck me, look at the trailer:

Man quits job in dramatic fashion! Tousle-haired moppet jumps up and down and goes ‘Yay!’ Hoppípolla! ScarJo in a Christmas jumper! Matt Damon had better be playing an amnesiac assassin who accidentally buys a zoo, that’s all I’m saying.

In lieu of a MostlyFilm post, why not read this excellent treatise on the correct order in which to watch the Star Wars Films? No reason, I just happen to agree.

Or you could read a MostlyFilm post. There were four this week:

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Join us next week for screenwriting, man-pies, art and British Noir.