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SEVEN OF SEVEN – Top Of The Mostly Pops

In the penultimate episode of our look back at the cultural highlights of MostlyFilm’s past, Mr Moth takes on a seemingly impossible task: condense seven years worth of Mostly Pop into seven singles.


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Mostly Pop February 2017

BACK for a whole new year of popular music shenanigans, watch the “New year, new me” positivity drain from Mr Moth even as the first video cues up. To be fair, it’s Ed Sheeran.

Ed and the lads.

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Mostly Pop September 2015

High on legal marijuana, Mr Moth takes a look at the New Music Friday list on YouTube and makes notes (disclaimer may not have been high on the drugs, probably just having some Ribena).


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Mostly Pop June 2015

Mostly Pop – the unstoppable (we’ve tried) juggernaut of low culture commentary – returns with Mr Moth behind the wheel as usual.

Bring snacks.

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Mostly Pop March 2015

Mostly Pop returns from its winter slumber, and finds MrMoth full of the joys of spring. No, honestly.

Harry Styles  and Taylor Swift
We never go out with Styles…

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Mostly Pop November 2014

One Direction have a new video out, so naturally we strapped MrMoth back into the chair and taped his eyes open…HORSE!
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Mostly Pop March 2013


Welcome back to Mostly Pop! Last time out it was all a bit tedious because it was old men trying to be pop stars even though their career was about ten, fifteen, thirty years ago and they’re mostly rock stars gone soft. Enough of that. We’re 4/5 female this time and it’s all about POP POP POP, in your face. No ballads, all bangers. Get comfy, turn your speakers up and click through as I attempt once again to not get too confused and angry in the face of music intended for people twenty years my junior.

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