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The Back Page 25 May 2012

It’s Frank Oz’s 68th birthday!  He’s the one with the moustache and an expression of barely-suppressed glee, watching Jim Henson demonstrate a Skeksis puppet.

Trailer of the week – well, I would have put the trailer for Barbaric Genius here, but y’all saw it yesterday so I’m not going to repeat myself. Odeon Panton Street (that’s Panton Street, in God’s own city of London Town. If it’s not on near you, why not ask your local arts cinema?), this week only. So let’s have something we can get our teeth into instead.

Jeez. OK, so, it’s not a badly cut together trailer. ‘Magical pregnancy unicorn’ made me half-smile like Joey off of Dawson’s Creek, but maybe I was having a stroke. Hard to tell. I’d like to go back to the mid-nineties and show Chris Rock this trailer. Wouldn’t you? When did this become a thing, by the way? Narrative movies based on self-help books? I’m prepared to bet a substantial amount of money that someone is pitching ‘Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus’ as an ensemble piece right now. Jennifer Aniston as Venus! Ryan Gosling as Mars! Can we get Bennifer? Oh, wait. Oh. Oh, fuck. Incidentally, the What to Expect books are hideous.

Sturdy link for you – a roundtable chat with the creators of Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and Deadwood. One of them is called Weiner, so… there’s that.

It’s been a GRATE week for MostlyFilm this week. Lovely stuff, and here it is:

A Study in Scarlett Part 2more of our Gone With the Wind frocktacular

This Was One of My Records of the Week – a wry, sideways (ha!) look at Top of the Pops 1977

Mostly Noise – unmissable gem on godliness in hip-hop

Are you sure you want to do this? – behind the scenes of Barbaric Genius, by director Paul Duane, also unmissable

Join us next week for LOTS OF GREAT STUFF. Seriously.