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Once in Every Generation

So Buffy the Vampire Slayer is now 20. Well. The truth is a little more complicated than that – the movie is a few years older and Buffy herself, Sarah Michelle Gellar turned 40 on the 14th  but the fact is it’s a good time to say “Happy belated birthday, Buffy”.

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Sam Osborn watches Neil Jordan’s new film.


Byzantium is a vampire movie.  Another one?  I hear a collective sigh. After all, we have been inundated with movies of this genre lately, especially with Stephanie Meyer’s kind contribution to the cause ruining the genre for generations to come.  Anyway, I feel I am straying off point here a little.  In director Neil Jordan’s last vampire outing (Interview with the Vampire) we met Lestat and Louis, one a murderous, animalistic killer and the other a tormented soul.  In Byzantium, based on the Moira Buffini play A Vampire Story, we meet Clara and Eleanor who bear a striking resemblance to their male counterparts.  Byzantium focuses on the relationship between the mother and daughter vampire duo and their struggle for their very survival.

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It’s a hundred years since Bram Stoker had his head removed, and a stake driven through his heart died, and, sure, it’s Friday so I could’ve just found a picture of him eating some KFC and we’d all be happy.


But sometimes, oh, things just get out of hand and here are some of our writers on lesser-seen vampire flicks. Looking at them all together, the words ‘sexy’ and ‘erotic’ crop up a lot of times. What does that say about us? About vampires? What do you think? What would Mr Stoker think?

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